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Camino de Costa: Finding myself, one step at a time

Dreaming of adventure? Seeking a life-changing experience? Join us for an inspiring talk about conquering the Camino de Costa, a solo journey perfect for first-time female trekkers (and male)!

This talk will cover:

  • Why the Camino is worth every step (and sweat!): Discover the physical and mental benefits that make this trek a must-do.
  • Solo and stronger: Ditch the fear, embrace the freedom! Learn why going it alone can be the most empowering adventure you’ll ever have.
  • Spirituality finds you (even if you’re not looking): Explore the unexpected ways the Camino fosters self-reflection and inner peace.
  • People power! It’s not just the views – meet fellow adventurers and create lasting memories. Discover how the Camino fosters a unique sense of community, free from rigid rules.
  • Body Ready? We’ll get you there: Learn practical tips to keep your body fueled and happy throughout the trek, even if it is your first ever trek as mine.

This is your chance to get inspired, ask questions, and discover if the Camino de Costa is calling your name!

P.S. the event language is English – feel free to invite your friends from all around the world and share with communities might be interested. We are all here to fly to stars together


cze 13 2024



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