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Wilcza 25, Warszawa

Południk Zero - Wilcza 25

We are open daily

mon → wed: 2 pm - midnight
thu  sat: 2 pm - 2 am
sun: 2 pm - midnight



22 270 22 41
2 pm. - midnight


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Travelers’ and explorers’ café...
Południk Zero

You are invited to our travellers’ and explorers’ café in the center of Warsaw

People for whom travelling and various cultures in the world is their passion meet here. It is cozy place for an afternoon coffee and cakes, to read books and magazines. In the evenings we have great events related to travelling: slide shows, concerts and other activities.

We offer a wide selection of regional beers (mostly Polish) for a moderate price of 7 to 12 Polish zlotys (about 2-3 Euro). You can also get coffee, tea, snacks and warm dishes.  

We speak English. You can pay VISA or Mastercard.

How to find us? Południk Zero is located at 25 Wilcza street, between Krucza and Marszałkowska streets. Entrance - to the right of the main gate. Subway: Metro Centrum or Metro Politechnika.

If you want to contact us you may write e-mail or call us.

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